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Depth Healing for Relationships: At the core of successful human love relationships, is a trust and security marked by qualities of innocence, vulnerability, and mutual caring. There is a step-by-step process to rebuild this security.
Rekindling Joy in your Relationship: There are "Six Essential Aspects" that enable partners to have a fresh poignant love through decades of marriage.
Knowing when to end & when to work it out: There are points where relationships break beyond repair, recognizing these can save one years of difficulties and misery.
Attract a Partner: Learn the art and science of attraction and courtship and how it is fundamentally different from that of committed relationship.

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The Art of Courtship and Attraction & the Art of Long Term Relationship

When Clients ask me what it takes to make it in relationship, I see the primary ingredient as the ability to grow together. Falling in love is relating with a form. The two of you clique in certain ways...ways that are delicious beyond all belief. As time passes, change occurs. Perhaps certain endearing connections begin to lose their charm. Hopefully each partner is aware and they can talk to each other, on a particular day and state, our connection is not here today. At this moment the form is gone, or at least a part of the form of the relationship is gone. At this time they need to stick it out in formlessness--no knowing how they will reconnect is the truth the partners are living and need to embrace. This process can lead you on all kinds of unexpected avenues of growth, but it is just that, your each turn down avenues and find yourselves seeing one another anew, in a new love, that is a new form of love.