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Healing Vortices

There are tremendous realms and forces of support/healing available to us.  The Four Realms of Support: Whether a turbulent or thriving time, there are stanchions, four realms where we can enter into a relation that will hold us upright evoking moments of peace, joy, and well-being.

• Nature: Whether we are able to escape for the day to the mountains, submerge ourselves in the vast panorama and animal life at ocean’s depth, or just spend some quality time cuddling with and fully entering the world of our dogs or cats, this realm can offer us a break from whatever else is happening in our lives.  If none of these are readily available we can also contact nature through shows such as BBC Planet Earth.

• Person-to-Person: Typically (hopefully) within our circles of friends or primary relationships there are certain people with whom we can deeply share, our core to their core, their heart to our heart. Such quality human meeting can be deeply gratifying.

• Art: The third realm, art, has a variety of forms. If you have ever had the opportunity to stand before a Rembrandt and lose yourself into the myriad eyes and faces of another place and time, or find yourself thoroughly lost in a resonant novel, you have an understanding of how art can move one into timelessness. Also in this realm, is the panacea of music: from metal, to hip hop, to a symphony, live or recorded, it can meet us where we are caught in a moment and transport us to a more liberated quality of being.

• Self/Spirit: Finally, there are the practices of the wisdom traditions, which at their beginning levels can bring forth peace and joy and with sustained effort can yield glimpses of watery soothing bliss or furious exhilarating raptures.  Self/Spirit includes the physical and progressively subtler dimensions of being. 

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